Muslim Girl College Shopping List + Tips

One thing I miss about school is the back-to-school shopping. Nothing made me as excited as my school finally sending the textbook and supplies list for the year. And that didn't change in college: I still felt that same rush when my professors (finally) uploaded the syllabi for the new semester. 

It was always up in the air how my school year or semester would go, but one thing was for certain: the shopping for it would be fun. 

With many colleges starting classes in a few weeks, back-to-school shopping season is in full swing! Below, you'll find all the essentials you'll need for a successful first (or second or third) year at college, as well as some helpful tips for Muslim college students. 

In Your Bag 

- A sturdy backpack, tote bag or purse

- Card holder/wallet

- Laptop or iPad

- Phone charger

- Laptop/iPad charger

- Laptop/iPad case

- Headphones

- Textbooks

- Notebook(s): love this five subject notebook, it takes up less space then having a few separate notebooks because it has five separate note sections 

- Planner: obsessed with the ones at PapierBando, Mochi Things and Target.

- Pens and pencils

- Mini stapler

- Highlighters

- Index cards

- Water bottle

- Portable prayer mat: in case your school doesn't have a prayer room or if you don't feel like making the trek there

- Prayer hijab/Abaya

- Scrunchies

- Extra hijab pins

- Snacks

- Aspirin

- Lotion

- Lip balm

- Hand sanitizer

- Calculator

- Pads

- Spare Cash

- Masks

- Tissues

In Your Closet

- Easy to Wear Everyday Hijabs 

- Long Sleeve Blouses

- Long Sleeve Casual T-shirts

- Modest Pants

- Hijab Pins

- Hijab Undercaps

- Cardigans

- Hoodies

- A coat

- Light Jacket

- Raincoat

- Rain Boots 

- Sneakers

- Flats

In Your Car

- Campus Parking Permit

- Updated Inspection & Registration

- Umbrella

- Rain Coat

- A change of clothes

In Case You're Dorming

- Sheets

- Blankets

- Pillow Sheets

- Mattress Cover

- Ear Plugs

- Alarm Clock

- Shower Caddy

- Shampoo/Conditioner/Body Wash

- Toiletries/Makeup

- Lotion

- Shower Flip Flops

- Towels

- Prayer Mat

- Prayer Hijab

- Quran

- Desk Organizer

- Room Decor

- Laundry Supplies

- Travel Steamer/Iron

- Contacts & Contact Solution 

Some Extra Tips

- Find out if your school offers Halal food, many campuses do. 

- If dorming, try to make as many home-cooked meals as you can. Another great idea is to get your parents to send you food that you can freeze and then microwave when needed. 

- Know where your school's wudhu and prayer rooms are if they are available. If not, try to find quiet places you would be able to use instead or reach out to your school officials to request a prayer room.

- Be mindful of prayer and Jummah times when scheduling your classes 

- Try not to walk in empty secluded places, especially at night. Be aware of your surroundings in parking lots, train stations and secluded pathways. 

- If you have to dorm, try to get a Muslim roommate or someone else who is ok with you waking up in the middle of the night for Fajr and who has similar values as you. 

- Be careful who you make friends with. There are truly all kinds of people at college—stick with the ones who will encourage you in good habits and discourage you in bad ones. 

- College parties are not for you, even if you say you won’t drink, even if all your friends are going (see the tip above). There are some environments Muslims just don’t need to be in and this is one of them. 

- If you're school doesn't give you off for Eid, kindly email your professors beforehand to let them know you will be absent. Most professors are understanding as long as you give them a heads up. 

- Don't forget the power of Dua! Check out this dua list for students.


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