4 Essentials To Help Make Your Outfit More Modest

So you found the perfect dress or shirt but it’s a few tweaks away from being completely modest. How do you cover it up enough without making it look frumpy?

Check out these four items every modest girl should have on hand for times an outfit needs a quick fix. 

1) Slip Skirts

A slip skirt is a life saver in case your skirt or dress is a little sheer, an inch or two short or if it has slits or cutouts. Love this white and black two pack from Amazon.

2) Long Sleeve Layering Tees

These long sleeve tees are a great layering piece for under linen shirts, jackets or if your shirt is a little sheer or low cut. Because you will be wearing this under another top, its best to size one or two sizes down. 

3) Arm Sleeves

When your sleeves are a little shorter then they should be, these arm sleeves are great for giving you extra coverage without having to add a whole other layer. I use these mostly when I wear abayas, as a lot of abayas have wide sleeves that show your whole arm when you move them during prayer. 

4) Hijab Neck Cover

If you wear chiffon hijabs you'll notice that wearing regular hijab caps will lead to your neck and ears showing. These undercaps cover your entire head, a tighter version of those Amira hijabs we all wore in the 00s. You can find a lot on Amazon but I love these undercaps from Veiled Collection.


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