11 Unique Details to Add to Your Nikkah


You and your spouse-to-be have successfully finished the talking stage and your parents have set a Nikkah date. Congratulations Masha Allah...you just got engaged! Now, it’s time for a whirlwind of decisions, deadlines and planning.

With our Muslim families, it seems to always be wedding season. Not even COVID-19 regulations were able to stop it, with many couples swapping masjids and wedding halls for celebrations in their backyards. Now that it is time for yours, it’s time to think: what details do you want to add to make your Nikkah special?

Check out these ideas to add unique touches to your Nikkah. These ideas can also be used for walimas, shirnees, baat paakis, arooses, katb kitabs and any other wedding celebration.


Lets face it, at a Muslim wedding celebration, the food and the couple battle for being the main attraction. Think of the personal favorites of you and your spouse. Do you both love coffee? Have a coffee station that serves both of your favorite coffee orders. Is breakfast your favorite meal? Look up crepe or waffle food trucks that can cater your party. It’s all about one question: what would you love to eat on one of the most important days of your life?

1. Add a little twist to your dessert table

Donut walls, macaron towers and cupcake stands are all fun ways to display desserts! You can either hire someone to make them or enlist a talented friend or relative.

2. Have a charcuterie table

For appetizers, set up a giant spread of deli meats, cheeses, fruits and jams. It provides variety for your guests and makes for great pictures. Make sure the meat is halal!

3. Hire a food truck or set up a food station

This would be a fun surprise for guests. Do some Internet research to find some food trucks near you. Reach out to local Halal restaurants and other favorite spots to see if they would be able to send out a food truck. If you can’t find a food truck that serves what you are interested in, how about setting up a food station?

An easier lower-cost alternative, a food station is just a table with your choice of food and setup. For example, if you love hot chocolate, set up a decorated table with hot chocolate and different toppings. If you love sushi, you can set up a table filled with your favorite types or even hire a chef who can make it live for your guests. You can have multiple stations of all of your favorite foods! Food trucks or stations are great additions to your regular dinner menu and add a bit of fun to your Nikkah celebration.

Some great ideas for food trucks or stations: bubble tea, knafeh, cupcakes, pizza, French fries, tacos, kulfi, ice cream, burgers, funnel cakes, hibachi, fresh fruit farm stand, empanadas, Kashmiri chai, gol gappa, sushi, hot chocolate, fondue.


4. Put a beautiful personal touch on your invitations with these wax seal stamps. We love this shop on Etsy.

5. Make or buy a beautiful Nikkah contract.

A Nikkahnama is a traditional Islamic wedding document. The practice is an art form that dates back centuries. While not compulsory, it is a beautiful way to display your Nikkah contract. According to nikah-namah.com, a shop that sells gorgeous Islamic wedding contracts, a nikkahnama was often the only piece of memorabilia from a wedding before the age of phones and cameras.

You can find nikkahnamahs at nikah-namah.com and on Etsy. There are so many designs available, you will definitely find one that matches your theme!

6. Use dried flowers instead of fresh flowers

Real fresh flowers are gorgeous, but are often costly and die in a day or two. Instead, opt for dried flower bouquets, backdrops and centerpieces. Dried flowers are a currently a big wedding and interior design trend, so you will be sure to find a lot of colors and variety! It also makes for great decor for your future home.

7. Customize a welcome sign from Etsy

Greet your guests with a custom nikkah sign. You can customize it to include you and your spouse’s name as well as the date of your event. Some even come with verses from the Quran. Want to save on money? You can easily make one of your own signs!

8. Get a cute cake topper

Use these custom cake toppers to add a unique touch to your cake. On Etsy, You can find toppers that say “Nikkah Mubarak,” “Qubool Hai,” and even custom toppers that allow you to choose the text!


9. Get a photo booth

Hire a company to set up a photo booth. It’s fun for you and the guests and allows people to get some great pictures! If you want to save, create your own photo booth area using a paper or fabric background and fun props.

10. Put cameras on each table

Place polaroid or disposable cameras on each table so your guests can take pictures of each other and the event. When you develop the pictures, you will have great shots from your guests point of view. Make sure to leave a note asking guests to leave the camera behind!

11. Donate the money you would spend on party favors 

Instead of the usual chocolates or other party favors, leave a card on each plate stating that you will be donating to charity on each guest's behalf. In Islam, donating on someone’s behalf gives both people a good deed. It is a great way to earn good deeds and put Barakah in your marriage!

 Have any other ideas for adding special touches to your Nikkah day? Let us know in the comments below!

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