Things We Loved This Week

Growing up, I loved blogs that had a weekly post of interesting articles, quotes and whatever else piqued the author's interest. So welcome to our first ever "Things We Loved This Week" list, as well as our first ever blog post. Each week, we will share our favorite finds from our saved folder on Instagram, our boards on Pinterest and elsewhere on the Internet as well as anything else that we're obsessed with lately. 

1) @teacherhafiza on Instagram

I found this teacher's Instagram page when Omar Suleiman reposted one of her posts about increasing barakah in your time. It was so beautifully done and neat and was able to teach so much in just a couple of IG slides. Her colorful notes and doodles explain many Islamic concepts and lesson. They explore subjects like the names of Allah (SWT), summarize concepts like shukr and give short tafsirs on different Surahs. They are the prettiest notes I've ever seen. 


2) This cookie recipe from @milkandcardamom

I think its the Afghan in me but she had me at rose. I save any recipe that has rose in the title. Would love to make this one in the future!

3) A great reminder always and an especially relevant one last week (hello, Black Friday) 


4) Instagram influencer @bazzibatul's new collection

Her newly launched collection of modest dresses feels like a breath of fresh air, especially this green tie belt one with fringe detail


5) winter moodboards on twitter

6) Little Women

I've watched the 2018 movie too many times to count so I finally bought a beautiful light blue hardcover copy of it from Barnes & Noble and decided to read the book. And I think it is now my most favorite book ever. It's the perfect fall/winter read and has such beautiful passages. Some of their Christian beliefs are very similar to our Islamic ones. Two passages that especially struck a chord:

Marmee's advises to Jo on how to control her anger which could be applicable to any fault you are trying to correct. 

“The sincere wish to be good is half the battle.”
Mrs. March whispered gently, "My dear, don't let the sun go down upon your anger."
“Watch and pray, dear, never get tired of trying, and never think it is impossible to conquer your fault.”

When Jo observes Beth's patience and gratitude even though she's on death's door and resolves to be better.

Precious and helpful hours to Jo, for now her heart received the teaching that it needed. Lessons in patience were so sweetly taught her that she could not fail to learn them, charity for all, the lovely spirit that can forgive and truly forget unkindness, the loyalty to duty that makes the hardest easy, and the sincere faith that fears nothing, but trusts undoubtingly...Seeing this did more for Jo than the wisest sermons, the saintliest hymns, the most fervent prayers that any voice could utter. For with eyes made clear by many tears, and a heart softened by the tenderest sorrow, she recognized the beauty of her sister’s life--uneventful, unambitious, yet full of the genuine virtues which ‘smell sweet, and blossom in the dust’, the self-forgetfulness that makes the humblest on earth remembered soonest in heaven, the true success which is possible to all. ”

7) This article about the startup scene in Pakistan and this New York Times list of the best books of 2021.

 What did you love this week? Let us know in the comments below!